Band Banner Idea

Trying to combine photos I took of band members into one solid banner.
First time taking photos like this and first time using PS in awhile. Let me know of anything I can do better. Thanks!




The blending between the photos is very nice! I couldn't tell at first that they were separate images. Only critique I have is text in the back not being centered but that's just me. Other than that, I think it gets the point across and looks good!


I think that the text should be changed. The reverse thing isn't right, and the whole "refractions" text should be centered. Like it starts from left and ends at right. Otherwise, great job lad.


Since band is called "Refractions", you can play with refractions more vividly. You can distort images in a way similar to "How To Destroy Angels" [1] did that, but with much more brighter style.

You can get nice refractions by shining the light through the bottle with water. I'll post the example in my profile.


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